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In this tutorial, I will show you how to create a cavity map from your normal map within Photoshop. This is pretty useful if you bake your normal maps within 3ds Max or another 3D software. If you bake by using Xnormal, you can automatically render a cavity map.

For this short tutorial I will take as example the normal map I created for the sewer cap in the previous tutorial about the floaters.

Go in the Channels of your normal map, select the green channel, do Ctrl-C, and paste it in the layers. Name this new layer Green.
Do the same thing with the red channel (Don't forget to hide the green layer).

Once you are done, hide the red layer, unhide and select the green layer. Go in Filter / Stylize / Emboss and choose -90.
Repeat this action for the red layer, but set it to 0. For both of them don't go over than 3 for the height, or you will get a big and weird offset.

Set your red layer in overlay, merge the two layers together by doing Ctrl-E. Your cavity map is now finished. You can use it on top of your diffuse texture, set it in overlay and you might need to reduce the opacity.